High Plains

Australian Shepherd Club


"Located in Beautiful Colorado."




HPASC – who we are…

   High Plains Australian Shepherd Club was founded in 1980, as an affiliate club of the Australian Shepherd Club of America.   High Plains hosts a number of conformation shows, obedience trials, and stock trials every year.

Additionally, we host a number of education events, include stockdog training clinics, conformation handling clinics and more.

Our membership is a very dedicated group of individuals, with members excelling in all Aussie venues regionally and nationally.  Some of our members do not actively compete with their Aussies, but have joined for the friendship and camaraderie that a group with similar interests can offer.

The primary objective of HPASC and ASCA is to protect and advance the Australian Shepherd breed, while we strive to offer venues for Australian Shepherd owners (as well as other dog owners) to compete for ASCA titles in ASCA sanctioned events including Obedience, Conformation, Tracking, Agility, and Stockdog events.
In service of this goal we:

Encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Australian Shepherds in such a manner as to bring their natural qualities to the highest degree attainable;

  • Strive to promote, educate and assist all owners of the breed to improve their knowledge of the breed and its history;

  • Protect and advance the interest of the Australian Shepherd breed and to encourage ethical breeding practices and sportsmanlike competition at all dog shows and trials;

  • Conduct conformation shows, obedience trials, stockdog trials, and other events in conformity with ASCA rules and regulations;

  • Encourage all breeders to accept the ASCA breed standard as the standard of excellence by which the breed shall be judged.

We support ethical and humane breeding practices, which consist of hip, eye and congenital disease clearances before planned breeding. We support responsible ownership and kind and loving treatment of our animals.  
We welcome prospective members to join our club and enjoy all aspects of Aussie camaraderie!

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